ClassBop Helps You Learn From Your Students


Create Recurring Surveys

Social and emotional learning (SEL), formative assessments, and more - it's easy to create a repeating survey, sent out automatically whenever you want!


View Data Over Time

Rather than piecing together data from individual Google Forms, spot trends and areas of improvement by viewing response data over time through generated charts and graphs


Help Students Take Agency

Instead of leaving your students confused and disengaged, students can share their opinions by responding to your survey, giving them a voice in their learning process


Consistent Feedback Made Easy

Instead of wasting your time trying to create and manage a jumble of different surveys, Classbop makes the process of understanding how your students feel much simpler 😄. With our interactive charts and simple survey scheduling and organization, Classbop helps you identify areas of improvement to provide your students with the best learning experience possible.


Get Up and Running in Minutes

With Google and Microsoft sign in, you and your students don't have to worry about creating an account and remembering a new password. You can get started creating your first class and a survey for your entire unit in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) - Google/Microsoft
  • Create questions that automatically repeat on all surveys
  • Create and manage all your classes in one place

Survey Tools

ClassBop allows you to create surveys once and never have to worry about them again! Unless you want to of course – you can add/change/delete questions whenever you'd like.

  • Create surveys to monitor feedback for a specific unit
  • Choose from 4 different types of questions and whether the responses are anonymous
  • Schedule day(s) for the survey to be automatically sent out so you don't have to keep re-sending them

Analytics Panel

Classbop helps you learn from your feedback so that you can make changes that you see fit. All this data belongs to you and isn't shared with any administrators.

  • Easy-to-read graphs and charts
  • Informative data for each question, designed to show change over time
  • View the response rate for each survey (you can assign points to students based on participation)
Watch our detailed walkthough of the platform to learn how you can start using ClassBop right away to help make your classroom more connected and cohesive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Free?

We are currently testing the platform, so yes it is absolutely FREE! If you would like to sign up and give us feedback to improve the platform, click on any of the sign up buttons to get started. If you would like to try out the platform without providing feedback, please wait until testing is over, or send us an email below to let us know.

How do I get my students to respond to my surveys?

This is a difficult question to answer because we understand not everyone will be equally invested in such a process, which can be due to a number of reasons. We recommend motivating students by giving them grade points for responding to surveys consistently. You can see a graph of the average response rate and can assign points to everyone if the response rate is above, for instance, 80%.

Do you store or sell confidential student data?

We will never sell any sort of data collected on the platform. We store students' responses in our database to display the data and results to teachers. The only Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that we store is a user's name and email address.

Can I Make The Student Responses Not Anonymous?

Yes, every question has an option to be anonymous/not anonymous. For anonymous questions, we are working on a feature to discourage hateful responses with derogatory language by flagging the users and removing their anonymity.

Can I Modify the Questions After I Create a Survey?

You can add, modify, and delete questions after a survey is created. For recurring questions you will still be able to view data for the responses collected for deleted questions, but for unit surveys the data for deleted questions will be lost.

I Have An Additional Question Not Answered Here?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below! We are a VERY small team and we would love to hear from you to answer any questions or concerns you have! 😃


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